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is based predominantly on the generation of financial statements and calculations as to ensure capital adequacy. gain Capital m UK Ltd. To the best of its knowledge, the Canadian Filer is in compliance with iiroc Acceptable Practices in offering OTC Contracts. The Canadian Filer manages the risk in its client positions by simultaneously placing an identical off-setting OTC trade on a back-to-back basis (an Off-setting Transaction ) with a Canadian Filer Affiliate. The Trading Platform is not a "marketplace" as defined in National Instrument 21-101 Marketplace Operations since a marketplace is any facility that brings together multiple buyers and sellers by matching orders in fungible contracts in a nondiscretionary manner. In order to facilitate the distribution and offering of OTC Contracts to clients of the Canadian Filer in the manner described above, the Canadian Filer seek the Client Prospectus Relief to offering OTC Contracts to its clients without a prospectus, and the Canadian Filer Affiliates. CFDs allow clients to obtain exposure to markets and instruments that may not be available directly, or may not be available in a cost-effective manner. Clients have the ability to monitor their account and the profit/loss of their positions in real time. In this role, the Canadian Filer will, among other things, be responsible for approving all marketing, for holding all client funds and for client approval (including the review of know-your-client (KYC) due diligence and account opening suitability assessments). The degree of leverage may be amended in accordance with iiroc Rules and iiroc Acceptable Practices as may be established from time to time.

Crawled data are aggregated, sorted, filtered and made available over this or any of the website within our network. These attributes and services are described in more detail below: (a) Real-time account status and client reporting. The QDA provides a legislative framework to govern derivatives activities within that province. Certain types of OTC Contracts may be considered to be "securities" under the securities legislation of the Applicable Jurisdictions. Applicable Jurisdictions ) in accordance with the representations, terms and conditions described in this Decision.   The Canadian Filer has been approved by iiroc specifically as a non-resident dealer member because its designated head office and principal business location for regulatory purposes is situated in Bedminster, New Jersey. Any additional charges shall be fully disclosed to the client prior to trading.

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The iiroc Rules exempt member firms that provide execution-only services such as discount brokerages from the obligation to determine whether each trade is suitable for a client. The OTC Contracts are not transferable or fungible with other contracts or financial instruments. The Principal Regulator is satisfied that the test set out in the Legislation to make the Decision is met. This account opening suitability process includes an assessment of the clients investment knowledge and trading experience; client identification, screening applicants and customers against lists of prohibited/blocked persons, and detecting and reporting suspicious trading and potential terrorist financing and money laundering activities to applicable enforcement authorities;. In the event the Canadian Filer wishes to introduce any other fees or charges in respect of OTC Contracts, it will provide not less than the minimum prior written notice required of iiroc member firms wishing to. Clients are provided with a real-time view of their account status. The iiroc Rules prohibit the margining of OTC Contracts where the underlying instrument is a synthetic product (single.S. In order to facilitate the distribution and offering of OTC Contracts to clients of the Canadian Filer in the manner described above, the Canadian Filer seeks the Client Prospectus Relief to allow it to offer OTC Contracts to its clients without a prospectus, and. Furthermore, m UK is regulated on a consolidated basis in the.K. Iiroc members seeking to trade OTC Contracts are generally precluded, by virtue of the nature of the contracts, from distributing CFDs that confer the right or obligation to acquire or deliver the underlying security or instrument itself (convertible CFDs or that confer any other rights. The Canadian Filer does not have any securities listed or"d on an exchange or marketplace in any jurisdiction inside or outside of Canada. The purpose of these limits is to ensure that OTC Contracts offered in Canada will only be available in respect of underlying instruments that are traded in well-regulated markets, in significant enough volumes and with adequate publicly available information, so that clients can form.

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