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The types of cookies we use, and the way we use them, are explained in our Privacy Policy. He has the Five send a nuclear powered metahuman into a meltdown powerful enough to destroy the city of San Francisco. The Calculator noah Kuttler ) is a fictional supervillain appearing in, american comic books published by, dC Comics. This site uses cookies. He can now enter and exit cyberspace on whim as well as remold any kind of technology into whatever he wishes it. Give me a call today! Miscellaneous edit Calculator appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic issue #6, only with a different look than his appearance in the TV series. As the Calculator arrives at the hospital, Wendy recovers from her coma on her own. His plan is foiled by Eddie Bloomberg, who flies the metahuman above the city, sacrificing himself in the process. Calculator appears in The Lego Batman Movie. Old world accents including wide baseboards and trim moulding in the living room and dining room. Great curb appeal welcomes you to this charming home!